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Editorial: Transit station was a long time coming

Rosemount mayor Bill Droste had it about right this week when the talked about a new Minnesota Valley Transit Authority bus route connecting Rosemount and downtown Minneapolis: It's about time.

Rosemount residents have paid their share of taxes to the metropolitan transit taxing district over the years without seeing a lot in the way of direct benefit. There is evidence Rosemount residents use the MVTA transit station in Apple Valley. But so do residents of Farmington, whose absence from the transit district has been a point of contention for Apple Valley city officials.

So, now Rosemount sees at least a little payback. It's not a lot for the moment -- two buses in the morning running from the Rosemount Community Center to Minneapolis and two coming the opposite direction in the evening -- but it's a start. A sign that the city's efforts over the years to bring transit to town are starting to amount to something.

That is especially important at a time when gas prices are high and more Rosemount residents are looking for a way to save on transportation costs. This could be the perfect time to give Rosemount residents an alternative to driving themselves to and from work every day. Even the little bit of additional convenience involved in moving the stop from Apple Valley to Rosemount could net the MVTA a number of new riders.

Having a variety of transit options will be increasingly important as Rosemount continues to grow. The designers of the proposed UMore development know that. Most proposed plans for the development integrate bus stops, light rail stations or both. Those are a long way off, though. Rosemount needed something now.

If the new route goes over as well as we imagine it will this should be just the beginning of something bigger. More routes. More destinations. And somewhere down the line a transit station more permanent than a parking lot.

We're looking forward to it and we imagine we're not alone.