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Editorial: Looking forward to another great school year

The start of the new school year is still half a month away but we're already getting excited.

We imagine there are some students out there who feel different.

That's OK. Kids aren't supposed to look forward to the first day of school. To an end of a summer spent playing in the sun or passing lazy days with friends. They're supposed to treasure their freedom while they have it and try to eke out every last bit of freedom they can.

We're different. We love the energy of a school full of students. We love spending time in ISD 196 buildings and seeing what's new this year. What stories we can tell. We love Irish sports and the RHS Superfans who support them.

There's an energy present in the hallways of an occupied school building that's hard to find anywhere else. Good or bad, interesting or not there's always something going on.

Classes won't start until Sept. 2 at District 196 schools, but we can feel the momentum building already. The back-to-school theme is strong in this week's issue of the Town Pages. On the front we have a story about new administrators at Rosemount Middle School and a new building in Rosemount for Intermediate School District 917. The building will serve students with special needs from around the area. Turn inside and you'll find a story about the parents who dedicate hundreds of hours each fall to outfit members of the Rosemount High School marching band's color guard. In the span of four weeks -- down from the usual six because of an early competition -- these parents will design and assemble 90 large flags and 27 custom-fit uniforms.

And, of course, there's sports. Practices kicked off this week for all Rosemount High School sports and the first real games are just weeks away. We're looking forward to a great fall season.

We feel lucky to have schools and students like these to cover. No matter how many years we spend covering Rosemount schools -- both public and private -- there are always new stories to tell. We're happy to be there to tell them.