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Letter: Sterner supports equitable spending

To the editor,

While Republicans controlled the state House and Governor's office, spending on our public school students has declined by $1,297 per pupil. School districts in Minnesota have responded to this shortage by levying property taxes, some unsuccessfully. This has forced many schools in Minnesota to lay off teachers, increase class size, cut academic subjects, close buildings, even shorten the school week. Paying for our children's education with property taxes is inadequate, inequitable and just plain bad public policy.

Residents of School District 196 know that good schools mean that our children are well prepared to become responsible citizens of the world. Not only that, good schools mean higher property values and a welcome environment for new businesses.

Let's make sure that we elect representatives who support public education, and who support more equitable policies for funding education. Perennial property tax increases don't solve the problem. Candidates like Phil Sterner, 37B House, will support responsible, equitable spending that will maintain the world class schools that we Minnesotans are accustomed.

Janet Rohlf Larson