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Editorial: Take advantage of Leprechaun Days opportunities

One week down. One big weekend left to go.

Some of Leprechaun Days' most popular events have come and gone and so far things have run about as smoothly as anyone could have hoped. The weather most days has been perfect and crowds, while not always massive, have typically been steady.

That's great news for Leprechaun Days organizers. They work all year to make sure Rosemount residents will have something fun to do for a week in July. But it's even better news for the city itself. Big crowds at Leprechaun Days events mean Rosemount residents are getting out and having fun together.

Leprechaun Days brings people together in ways they otherwise might not interact. It helps them meet neighbors who might otherwise have remained strangers. And it does it with a wide variety of events -- from BMX stunt demonstrations and Christian hip-hop music to film festivals, wine tastings and big wheel races. Where else but at the Leprechaun Days bathtub races would complete strangers feel comfortable waging a massive water balloon battle with people whose names they might never know?

The bad news, then, is that this year's edition of Leprechaun Days is nearly over. The good news? There's still plenty of good activity left. This weekend will bring, among other things, carnival rides and games, two big concerts, a bench press competition and the always popular Grand Day parade Saturday morning. There are plenty of chances for people to get out and celebrate their city. We hope everyone who is able takes advantage.