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Editorial: Have your say now on UMore project

Rosemount residents have a chance in the next couple of weeks to have some important input. On June 19 and 23 the University of Minnesota will hold a pair of public forums to unveil concept plans for a proposed development on University-owned property in Rosemount and Empire Township.

Residents can get a first look at what developer have in mind, and they can let University officials know what they think.

If you plan to be around Rosemount for the foreseeable future, this is probably a good idea.

The University's development, as it exists in plans and visions, will have a significant impact on Rosemount's future. It is expected to more than double the city's current population over the next quarter century. It will bring new ideas about building residential communities and new amenities such as medical clinics and schools and facilities where University professors can lecture that can be a benefit to Rosemount residents citywide.

We are excited about the plans the University is developing. Done right, this project it will be an important addition to the city. Done wrong, though, it's big enough it could hurt Rosemount residents everywhere.

We don't expect that to be a problem. The University is putting a lot of work into this planning process and giving residents several chances to have their say. They're already focusing on details as seemingly small as finding ways to work some of the remains of the former Gopher Ordinance Works -- those big concrete walls you see when you drive east on County Road 46 -- into the overall design of the project.

Still, if you want to have an impact on the way this project takes shape, now is the time to speak up.