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Editorial: Soccer field partnership works well for all

Rosemount will not get the vast new athletic complex some were hoping for -- at least not anytime soon -- but the soccer field partnership between the city and Dakota County Technical College is at least a step in the right direction.

The Rosemount City Council made the deal official Tuesday, agreeing to pay $450,000 and take responsibility for maintaining the three new fields. DCTC will provide 10 acres of land and a parking lot.

This is a deal that works well for everyone involved. The city gets some of the field space youth athletic groups have been clamoring for and DCTC, which has talked for years about adding athletic facilities to its campus, gets some help paying the bills.

We still believe something like the athletic complex Rosemount voters rejected last month can be a benefit to the city somewhere down the line, but this mini-complex should ease some of the need for field space at a cost that will be easier for residents to swallow.

The project is also a good example of what can happen when groups work together. The city and DCTC had common goals here. The technical college wanted a home field for its soccer teams and for other athletic programs. The city wanted places where youth athletic teams could practice and play. The school had land. The city had the money, equipment and experience to maintain a large field complex.

Under the terms of the agreement DCTC will get to use the fields during the time it most needs them and the city gets first choice in the evenings, when youth sports teams are most likely to need a place to play.

This proposal -- just 10 acres and three soccer fields -- is far more modest than the 57-acre softball, baseball and soccer complex the city brought to voters last month, but it meets a need for many people. By working together the city and DCTC both win.

So, we believe, do Rosemount residents.