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Letter: City staff keeps Rosemount looking good

To the editor,

Every year, following Leprechaun Days, I mean to write a letter to the editor but always forget. Not this time.

I would like to compliment the Rosemount Public Works Department and park and rec. department on the great work they do in keeping Rosemount's streets and parks looking great. What a positive message we give to the many out of town visitors we have during the 10 days of Leprechaun Days.

The hanging baskets, planters and flags create one of the most beautiful street scenes in the state. The streets, sidewalks, paths and parks are all kept clean. Fresh cut grass, newly painted structures and fresh woodchips create such a wonderful, welcoming, and pleasant experience.

Yet these departments don't get all the credit they deserve. The city council needs to be thanked in appropriating funding, however it takes more than money. It takes the commitment of the staff do do their best, and they do. My wife Ann and I just want to let you know, we appreciate it.

John Loch,