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Andrea Langworthy's column: Whoosh!

August already. Didn’t I just put away the Christmas tree?

My mother used to say time flies when you’re having fun. I don’t know that I’ve had that much fun this summer but for a season that took its time getting started it certainly has jetted by.

A friend of mine always got a bit down around mid-July every year. “Summer is half gone,” she’d say as she heaved a big sad-sounding sigh. Pointing out that there was still half of the season left did nothing to cheer her up.

An article I read recently said one reason people get sad in the summer is because they have such huge expectations of what they’ll get done that they can’t always get everything in. Money is another problem. Boating, fishing, trips to the ice cream store, Valley Fair, a baseball game, all take moola.

One thing not mentioned in the article is a problem we Minnesotans had this year. Spring hardly happened so June’s projects, like planting flowers and washing windows, got pushed back.

Here’s what happened to me this spring and I can’t even blame it on the weather: I had scheduled a hair appointment and pedicure for mid-June. A handyman and a window washer were supposed to come to my house during that period, also. But when my ankle crumpled under me and I took a fall that resulted in bumps, bruises, a sore leg and a black eye, I had to postpone everything.

Rain and strong winds had me rescheduling the whole lot a second time so it was mid-July before the windows, shutters, front door and I looked our best for an upcoming family gathering. By that time, school supplies were already on the shelves at Target and Walmart.

I remember a time when April showers brought May flowers and spring arrived on schedule. Summer did, too. My friends and I spent our vacation days at the park, the library, the beach or at camp. If we’d outgrown the previous year’s school uniform, we headed downtown to order new ones and went back home a few hours later to continue our game of kick-the-can.

Because I’m a fair-weather kind of person, I like to get as much done in the summer as possible. To that end, next to my computer I keep a legal pad on which I write out lists and reminders of what I hope to accomplish.

So far, I haven’t checked off many items. Sure, the flowers have all been planted. My hair and toenails look pretty good. People have complimented my husband and me on the bright teal color on the front door and the shutters. My siblings, a sister’s hubby and my brother’s wife were here for dinner. But goodness, it’s already August. Still so much to do.

Our kids, their spouses and our grandchildren will be here for a barbecue in two weeks. Some writing friends are coming for dinner 12 days after that. I need to squeeze in an eye examine, my yearly physical and … the list goes on.

By the time I get my summer to-dos done, fall will be here. We all know what that means, don’t we? Christmas is just around the corner. I wish I’d left the tree up. One less thing waiting to be checked off the list.