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Community of Hope collects crutches for Haiti

Recovery efforts are ongoing for the people of Haiti who were devastated by an earthquake Jan. 12. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured during the earthquake that struck the island nation and for some of them getting the medical supplies they need has been a long time coming.

To help those injured during the quake Prince of Peace Church in Davenport, Iowa is collecting medical supplies to send to missionaries affiliated with the church. The missionaries have asked the church to send down supplies including crutches, canes and slings.

As its sister church, Community of Hope in Rosemount has decided to get in on the effort and is collecting items to help as well. COH has already sent one batch down and plans to send more through Prince of Peace in May. Pastor Per Nilsen said COH collected nearly 75 sets of crutches the first time around.

"The number of amputees is staggering," said Nilsen.

Because of the uneven terrain Nilsen said walking devices such as crutches and canes are more ideal than wheelchairs.

Along with its own congregation, Nilsen said they are hoping others in the community will step up and donate to the cause. Nilsen said anyone in the community wishing to donate can drop off used or new crutches, canes or slings at the church.

"If they get them to us, we will make sure to get them down there," said Nilsen.

For many people Nilsen said this is a way they can reach out without digging in already hit pockets. He said many people have crutches and canes lying around in a closet.

"It's just a simple way we can help," said Nilsen.

The church will collect the item through mid-March. Donations can be made to Community of Hope Church, 14401 Biscayne Ave, during regular hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information call Community of Hope 651-322-5679 or email

Emily Zimmer
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