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School District 196 voters guide: Mike Roseen

Mike Roseen

Why do you want to be a member of the District 196 School Board?

I have been on the board for 20-plus years. I believe in public education, and have shown that support since first elected.  I enjoyed doing the work of a board member, and feel my experience will continue to serve the district well.

What skills would you bring to the school board to help the district?

My skills would be a desire to help make 196 even better than it is today.  I have proven my ability to deal with good as well as bad economic times.  I know the budget very well, and will continue to be available to discuss all matters with the citizens of the district.  My experience has taught me what the people want from their schools. I will continue my common sense approach to district issues.

All four candidates have said that they support the levy that will be on the ballot Nov. 5. Why do you think it is necessary?

The levy is necessary to help keep the district what we want it to be. We have trimmed the budget as much as we can, without drastically hurting academic, arts, and athletics. Everyone has worked hard to make the district first class in all these areas. These exceptional programs are not without cost.  In order to keep our excellent schools we must be able to fund them.

Where do District 196 schools excel? Where do you think they can improve?

The district excels in many things. Academics are what is most important. Our students test well above all state and national scores. Our graduation rate is exceptional. The number of awards won in speech, music and arts programs is the envy of most school districts. The caliber of our athletic programs is well known. We can never stop trying to improve everything. We must always work on the budget to make sure every dollar is spent wisely. We must develop curriculums that are relevant to today, and challenge our students. We must make sure that our schools provide what is necessary for our students to learn, and that we provide a safe and secure place for our students and staff.