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School District 196 voters guide: Craig Angrimson

Craig Angrimson

Why do you want to be a member of the District 196 School Board?

 The reasons I am running are many. I am the father of an Eastview junior, Rachel who now drives. This opens up my schedule so I have the time needed to commit fully to this position. I believe the district is not totally fiscally responsible.  As with most big budget companies, there is a lot of excess expenses that just fall into cracks. I will ensure that all expenses are justified, therefore no need for a levy request so often.  I also want to give back to the district who has given so much to myself and my family.  I am a respected member of the community, and I also have many friends at the capital whom I can access for information.  I believe working people need a strong voice on an important position like this, and I am that voice.

What skills would you bring to the school board to help the district?

The skills I bring to the board are:

1. Excellent communicator: I am on many boards and panels at the council, with co-chair of safety committee, seat on labor/management board, and past president of my unions local (IUOE Local 35) to name a few. We have dealt with contract negotiations and I always have the ear and respect of all parties involved.  I always listen to reason.

2.  Capital project experience: I spent a good deal of my life in the construction industries on all levels, from putting in footings all the way thru sale (I sold real estate at the time also). I know how to maximize the value of projects, while not degrading the quality of the workmanship. Union labor respects my input.

3. I am willing to do what it takes to make our district more fiscally solvent.  I will spend all time needed and thoroughly research all options before I make a recommendation.     

I have also been helping the Eastview Marching band with prop building, fund raising, and lead of security for their festival which had about 4,000 spectators. We have hosted many Rotarians thru the years so my family has had much exposure to many cultures. We also hosted a girl from Columbia for her senior year at Eastview about ten years ago.  This will give me some hands on as far as diversity and an attempt to close the achievement gap.

All four candidates have said that they support the levy that will be on the ballot Nov. 5. Why do you think it is necessary?

I support the levy and feel at this time it is vital.  I never want to lose a 196 employee due to budget issues and that is a realistic answer if it does not pass It would also cause increased class size which leads to  less time for teacher to student interaction. This might affect the ability to  excel in education. There are other cuts talked about, but I don’t think the threat of cuts is the way to pass a levy. 


Where do District 196 schools excel? Where do you think they can improve?

196 excel: Our district is well known for the excellence of our special ed programs. Our STEM and STEAM programs are also vital in this new age of technology to prepare our students for life after high school.

 Improvement needed: Fiscal responsibility is the biggest need.  I think some of our district monies could be better spent.  Looking thru the budget, I saw about 130,000 for copier leasing, is there a better option.  Maybe not but want to check. Also $2,500 for a training room clock?  Really?  I think people in 196 are willing to pay for what is needed, but we must be more accountable.