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City council: Mark Debettignies, Incumbent

The development of UMore will be big job for the city council. What do you think of the proposed plan? How do you think the city should handle it?

I am agreeable to the concept but the plan details still need to be worked out between the university and the governing agencies. This will become an ever changing plan as things progress. With this in mind we need to continue to evaluate the impact to the full community and region.

The city will need to stay in close collaboration with the university officials on all plans moving forward to site plans, mineral extraction, infrastructure, traffic movements, environmental impact and other processes that will take place through the years to follow. We must continue to strengthen and voice our position and partner with the university to make sure that this is a benefit to the community for services such as parks, recreation, jobs, revenue (tax base) and schools.

The next few years will continue to be challenging, financially. What would your priorities be when setting a budget?

The council will need to continue to look at the big or overall picture of necessary services it should and can provide not only short term but long term. Public service such as fire and police will rank high on the list when it comes to priorities. Additionally, the city council should continue to look at the buying down of debt when possible to show a cost savings in interest paid out. The budget is and always will be an item that can change daily. With this the council and staff need to continue to have open dialogue as needed to address any issues.

What is the role of the city in attracting development?

The city plays an important role in attracting development by sourcing available land and infrastructure to the market. As an example of one area, a site in Rosemount's business park is one of the first three in the state designated as shovel-ready for development. The city is in most cases the first point of contact for any developer who would be marketing or looking at any land that is open to development. The city has also attended marketing venues offered by organizations and has also developed a marketing folder that is used for prospecting companies and development agencies.

What is the most important issue facing Rosemount and how do you hope to address it?

Currently, I believe the most important issue based on resident participation and conversations is the UMore proposed development and mineral extraction that is being planned on the university's northwestern properties in Rosemount and how it will impact the community. Several steps have been taken so far with meetings between developers and residents. It will become necessary in keeping an open dialogue with all parties and the city council must be at the front of making sure that this occurs.