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Parks programs aim to keep kids occupied

Kids competed to see who could jump the farthest during Kids Corner June 20.The Kids Corner program draws hundreds of kids to neighborhood parks during the summer.

While summertime is usually filled with fun, lets face it: there are times when boredom sets in. The Rosemount Parks and Recreation Department wants to help kids with that so it's offering its Kids Corner program.

The program, which provides free adult-supervised activities, is held in the city's neighborhood parks. For kids like Parker Trana, 10, it's nice because he can just walk over. The 10-year-old lives a block from Jaycee Park.

"I like playing games," said Trana, who added that he especially likes playing dodgeball.

The program offers kids ages 6 to 12 a two-hour chunk in the afternoon to play with other kids. Staff from the parks department lead planned activities including games and crafts.

On Thursday the group at Jaycee Park played One Fish, Two Fish. The game was sort of like Red Light, Green Light but involved a ball.

"It was ok," said Trana.

Kayla Turbes, one of the city employees who helps run the program, said the kids have a lot of fun out at the parks. She said they try to accommodate different interests by offering a variety of games and activities.

Turbes, who has worked with the program for the last three years, said the program is great for older kids looking for a way to spend their afternoons. She said the program has regulars but encourages all kids to try it out.

"We have a blast," said Turbes.

The program isn't real formal. Kids can just show up any day they want. It is free. Parks and recreation supervisor Lisa Mauer said the only requirement is that parents fill out an emergency contact card on the first day their child attends.

"It's a great opportunity for parents to let their kids come to the park," said Mauer. "We're excited to offer this program again."

The program started June 16 and will run until July 21.

New this year will be the addition of Party in the Park. On July 22 the staff of Kids Corner will hold a big summer party at Jaycee Park. All kids are invited to enjoy games, entertainment and surprises.

Mauer said the event is free and a good way to celebrate summertime.


City staff is in these parks Monday through Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m.


Jaycee, Birch, Charlies and Innisfree Parks


Jaycee, Meadows, Camfield and Bloomfield Parks


Jaycee, Birch, Winds and Family Resource Center Parks


Jaycee, Meadows, Brockway and Connemara Parks

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