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City revises infrastructure rules

Developers coming to Rosemount will have a little more flexibility when it comes to public infrastructure after the city council chose to modify its policy on engineering and installation.

The city will continue to engineer and inspect all public infrastructure projects but will allow private developers to do the construction on a case by case basis.

Community development director Kim Lindquist said the city wants to offer developers flexibility while ensuring the quality of the city’s public infrastructure.

In making their decision, the council looked at what other cities all over the state do. There is a broad spectrum of policies ranging from letting developers engineer and build to cities doing all the work. Since 1996 the city’s policy has been to design, bid out and inspect all projects. Lindquist said the new policy mirrors Woodbury’s.

The city’s new policy allows the city administrator to permit a developer’s contract to install public infrastructure if certain conditions are met. Lindquist said the criteria ensure that the contractors are suitable to conduct the work.

The city will continue to design infrastructure. In the case that developers install infrastructure, the city will inspect the work at the cost of the developer.

Why make the change?

Because the city is required to go through the public bidding process, it takes longer for project to get built. Lindquist said city staff has received complaints from developers that the process takes too long. Private companies don’t have to go through the same process, so Lindquist said allowing them to do the work will speed things up.

Lindquist said city staff would let developers know the city’s policy has changed. She anticipated some of the companies building on the eastern edge of town may take advantage.

Emily Zimmer
Emily Zimmer has worked as a staff writer for the Rosemount Town Pages since 2007. She has a degree in journalism from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Outside of work, Emily enjoys running, reading and gardening. You can follow Emily's gardening adventures at the Areavoices blog East of Weedin'
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