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Sorgs hope to hold on to land

Bill Sorg said last week he’s doing what he can to prevent Dakota County from taking 77 acres of his land, but he’s not entirely optimistic that he’s going to win.

He’s one of three landowners affected by the county board of commissioners’ decision to take land for Spring Lake Park.

Sorg was hesitant to go on the record to discuss the matter, saying he was trying to negotiate with the county to get the best deal possible.

“It’s not a good deal by any means, but we may be able to keep a little bit (of the 77 acres),” he said. “The county doesn’t need 77 acres to build a bike path, but this isn’t about their needs. It’s about their wants.”

Sorg said the land has been in his family since 1896. When the county acquired the land from Carl Schaar to open Spring Lake Park, he said they began to covet his land, too. Now he said he’s just hoping he gets to hang on to as much of his land as possible.

“It’s a very disappointing situation to me,” he said. “I don’t understand it at all.”