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Districts, polling places have changed in Rosemount

Rosemount's precincts have changed.

The 2012 primary election is just a few days away. Voters will hit the polls Aug. 14 to narrow the fields for a number of races.

Some of the precincts and voting locations in Rosemount have changed for this year's elections. City clerk Amy Domeier said the changes have been made to better accommodate voters and to serve areas that have seen growth.

This year the city will have seven precincts. The biggest change was the addition of precinct 2, which extends from the northeastern corner of the city boundary along the city's eastern border to the southern border, then west to the railroad tracks just east of Highway 3. Voters in that precinct will cast their ballots at St. John's Lutheran Church, 14385 Blaine Ave. E. All residents east of Clayton Ave. vote in precinct 2.

Domeier said they added the precinct because that area is where most of the city's growth is occurring and while it seems mostly rural there are quite a few registered voters in the area.

As part of adding precinct 2, there were some changes to precinct 7. Precinct 7 boundaries will extend from the intersection of 145th Street and Highway 3, north along Highway 3 to the northern part of the city, then east to the rail road tracks, then southwest to 145th Street, then west to the beginning. Voters in precinct 7 will vote at Community of Hope Church, 14401 Biscayne Ave. S.

Precinct 1 also underwent some slight changes. The precinct will now go from the northwest corner of the city boundary east to Highway 3, then south along 3, then west on 145th Street to Shannon Parkway, then north on Shan

non Parkway to McAndrews Road, then west to the western city boundary, then north along the western city boundary to the beginning.

This year precincts 5A and 5B have been combined to make one larger precinct and voters in 5 will cast ballots at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 14980 Diamond Path.

In the past the city has used its parks shelters as polling places. Domeier said they have abandoned that practice because the buildings aren't large enough to accommodate the equipment and people had to wait outside during busy times. That means voters in precinct 4 will vote at the Rosemount Steeple Center, 14375 Robert Tr. S.

Pre-registration has ended for the primary election, which means voters who are not registered but who wish to vote, will have to register at the polls. Domeier said residents should bring a photo ID with them to register. Residents who have moved and don't have the correct address on their identification will need to bring proof of residence as well.

Domeier said proof can be a bill that's due in the last 30 days including phone, water, or electricity. Residents can also have another voter who lives in the precinct vouch for them.

In the primary election voters must vote with their registered party. Domeier said she's not expecting a huge turnout for the primary but does for the general election on Nov. 6.

"It's a presidential year and there are a couple of questions on the ballot that are getting a lot of publicity," said Domeier.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aug. 14.

For more information on precinct changes visit the city's website at

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