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Council will order the 2011 street improvement tomorrow night

The Rosemount City Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow night at city hall. The council's only discussion item is the approval of the 2011 Street Improvement project.

The 2011 Street Improvement Project will include mill and overlay of 145th Street West from Diamond Path to Shannon Parkway and rehabilitation of streets within the west half of the Valley Oak neighborhood.

The estimated cost of improvements on 145th Street and the Valley Oak neighborhood is $871,959 according to the staff memo.

Along with the motion to order the project the council will also approve assessments for property owners along the affected streets. The assessable rate for both overlay and rehabilitation projects on existing streets is 35 percent of the surface improvement cost. The proposed assessment for those along 14th Street is $1,164 and for Valley Oak residents $2,729.

Staff anticipates construction will begin June 20 and finish up, including all restoration items,by October 1.