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County offers help for homeowners facing foreclosure

Need counseling help to make the mortgage payments to avoid foreclosures?

The Dakota County Community Development Agency has a mortgage foreclosure prevention program in place. The program offers free counseling assistance to help homeowners who are in or nearing foreclosure with referral to additional resources, and in some cases, financial assistance.

Homeowners work one on one with the CDA homeownership specialists to assist the situation and determine possible solutions.

The applicants must be residents of Dakota County and be committed to finding a long-term solution to their financial problems.

The homeowner must submit an application and necessary documentation to the CDA. The CDA works with the homeowner's mortgage company, gathers information and begins to develop a plan to address the homeownership and financial issues.

The homeowner will meet with one of the CDA's specialists to go over the application in detail and continue the process of developing a plan to resolve the mortgage delinquency. The process includes an in-depth look at the homeowner's finances to develop a budget.

As last resort, a one-time limited amount of financial assistance is available to qualified homeowners. The loans are given on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed for every homeowner who is counseled through the program.

Homeowners interested in speaking with a trained counselor about mortgage foreclosure prevention can call 651-675-4555. Homeowners should have on hand their mortgage statements and delinquency letters from the company; household income (sources and amount); amount of money on hand (checking and savings); and monthly household expenses (mortgage, utilities, car payments, credit cards, groceries and insurance).

Funding for the mortgage foreclosure prevention program is provided by the Minnesota Home Ownership Center, Minnesota Housing, National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The program is part of the Dakota County CDA's Homeownership Connection services which provide programs for homebuyers and homeowners to be successful.

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