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Bike/walk plan is taking shape

Downtown Rosemount could become the hub of a wider network of bike trails and bike lanes if the city of Rosemount follows through with ideas put forward in a draft plan aimed at making it easier to bike and walk in the city.

Rosemount residents will have an opportunity to review and comment on that plan at an open house from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. June 2 at city hall. City planner Jason Lindahl said the meeting will be a chance for residents to see what the city has been working on with its planning consultant and to identify what they see as priorities as the planned trail system develops.

"Generally speaking (the downtown) area has good walking facilities, sidewalks and trails and probably could improve on bicycle facilities," Lindahl said. "It's also where a lot of pedestrian destinations are, with the library and city hall and the community center."

If the city follows the plan laid out so far the trail system that develops could be far-reaching. Working from the idea that downtown is a likely hub for biking and walking activity the draft plan proposes a new bike route along 145th Street, new biking and walking trails in front of Rosemount High School and Rosemount Middle School and one that connects RHS to 145th Street, among others. The plan also includes underpasses at Highway 3 near the schools, at County Road 42 south of the Bloomfield neighborhood and at three more locations in the eastern part of the city.

The system is designed to help people get around town, but also to connect them to other trails around the county. If Rosemount's trails connect to a planned Mississippi River Regional Trail Rosemount residents could someday be able to bike from their front door to downtown St. Paul entirely on bike trails.

Lindahl presented the draft plan to the city's parks and recreation commission Monday night.

"I think the commission was pleased about how the plan is moving forward," Lindahl said.

The city still has more work to do on this plan and the section to be discussed next week is only part of the final product. But Lindahl said the process is going well.

"We're excited about how things are unfolding," Lindahl said. "The whole concept of this high-activity area was something that was clear to city staff but probably less clear to the public and we're going to try to make that connection to the public."