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Rosemount launches interactive citizen comment map

A screenshot taken Nov. 21, 2017, of the city of Rosemount's online Citizen Comment Map.

If you are a Rosemount resident, do you have an idea for a neighborhood park, a commercial development or do you think a stop sign should be installed at a particular intersection in town?

The city wants to hear your feedback. The city recently launched a new interactive citizen comment map that can be found on the city's website.

"We have really been trying to reach out to people who maybe are not as interested in coming to public meetings or reading information online," said Kim Lindquist, Rosemount's community development director. "We are trying different ways to get comments from residents."

The citizen comment map is designed to be easy to use and fun for residents to click on and give feedback on a red comment bar on the lower side. Residents can type in a comment or use one of the drop-down choices.

Aaron Menza, the city's GIS analyst, did a nice job of putting together the citizen comment map as part of the community development department, Lindquist said.

The feedback will help identify residents' desires for the future as the city works on its 2040 comprehensive plan. This long-range document will affect all aspects of the city's future parks, roads, planning, housing, transportation and commercial development within the boundaries of Rosemount.

The map is a communications effort that is part of Rosemount City Council's goals under working toward increased community engagement and transparency.

The online form will ask for a resident's name and email, but that input is optional. City responses can be requested.

One unique feature in the interactive map allows a person to add specific addresses for the comment, or click on the map while the comment box is open, Lindquist said.

This feature ensures comments are put in the correct geographic location and it provides information and a visual reference. Residents then can click on "Report It" to actually post their comments on the map.

Just like other social media platforms, the citizen comment map will allow residents to choose a thumbs-up to agree or to disagree with a thumbs-down at neighbors' comments.

Residents can check out a collection of city maps on the city's website. This can provide greater detail on the city's park projects, new residential neighborhoods and public road construction projects.

"This is just an additional option for people," to provide input, Lindquist said.

In the next six months, city staff will be working to craft the draft for Rosemount's 2040 comprehensive plan.

"We have to get our other system's plans ready with the sanitary sewer, sewer and storm water and our transportation plans that are kind of more engineering use that will dovetail to our land use that have been promoted with public engagement types of conversations," Lindquist said.

"We are hoping to be able to utilize this for an ongoing idea map for collecting information where the city can address issues and concerns."