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City moves ahead with Community Center parking lot improvements

The Rosemount City Council moved ahead on a project to improve the parking lot at the Rosemount Community Center, authorized scheduled computer purchases, and accepted donations for the Spring Egg Hunt during a brief City Council meeting Tuesday, Feb. 7, at Rosemount City Hall attended by Mayor Bill Droste, and council members Heidi Freske and Jeff Weisensel.

Parking lot improvements

The city of Rosemount will work with engineering firm WSB and Associates to provide plans and oversight on a project to improve the parking lot at the Rosemount Community Center.

On Jan. 17, the city approved a joint powers agreement with the Minnesota Army National Guard to replace the shared parking lot at the Community Center and Armory.

The total estimated cost for the project is about $696,000 and would be split between the two groups — about $416,500 from the city and $279,800 from the National Guard.

In a memo to the council, Parks and Recreation Director Dan Schultz said the next step for the project is to hire an engineering firm to create final plans, perform analysis of the site, and provide construction management for the project.

The city has worked with WSB before, and the firm has already performed some initial inspections, monitored the conditions of the parking lot and developed estimates for the project, Schultz said.

The professional services agreement with WSB says the total will not exceed $61,239 and include a final design ($32,026), pavement and geotechnical analysis ($3,465) and construction management ($25,748).

WSB will complete the final design for bids by March 2017, with construction beginning in May 2017.

Computer purchases

The council approved the purchase of new computers for the police, fire and public works departments as part of the city's five-year replacement cycle for that equipment.

In a memo to the City Council, IT Coordinator Jayson Solberg said the computers in the police department are failing faster than in other areas, and many take a long time to load in the morning. After five years, Solberg said parts have failed on three computers in the last month, "costing the city of Rosemount additional money and time as they are out of warranty."

"I have heard complaints throughout the last year about general slowness in every computer," Solberg noted.

The lowest bid for the project was from CDW-G for $63,300, about $5,700 under what was budgeted for the replacement this year.

Spring Egg Hunt is coming

The council accepted three donations to the Parks and Recreation Department — $2,000 from the Rosemount Lions Club and $200 from Joe Walsh for the Spring Egg Hunt, and $500 from Dakota Electric for Safety Camp.

Mayor Bill Droste noted than between 1,000 and 2,000 kids participate in the Spring Egg Hunt, which is put on in conjunction with the Rosemount Lions Club each spring.

"It's a great way to put on a young kids event," said Droste.

The 2017 Spring Egg Hunt is scheduled to begin promptly at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 8, at the Ames Soccer Complex, 1300 145th St. W., Rosemount. For more information on the hunt visit