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Call 911 anytime you need to contact police or fire, emergency or not

The Farmington and Rosemount police and fire departments along with the Dakota County Sheriff's Office have joined "911 for All," a new countywide campaign aimed at making it simpler for citizens to contact their public safety agencies in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

"911 for All" encourages residents who want to provide information or need to request service -- even non-emergency service -- from their police department, fire department or ambulance service to always call 911.

"Most of us were taught to only call 911 in an emergency, but, thanks to technological advances, calling 911 is now the most effective way to ask for help in any situation or to offer information about a variety of incidents," said Rosemount police chief Eric Werner.

Werner said strong citizen engagement remains a critical part of the public safety equation, and it is much easier to remember 911 than multiple phone numbers for police, fire and ambulance.

"911 For All" means dial 911 when you:

• Observe suspicious activity

• Witness an accident, fire or a crime

• Have items stolen from your car or home

• Smell a possible natural gas leak

• Have a parking complaint

• Encounter any incident that may require the response of the police, fire or ambulance personnel

9-1-1 for All!

The Dakota Communications Center was created in 2005 by a Joint Powers Agreement formed of the eleven cities in Dakota County and the county itself. DCC is a state of the art 911 dispatch center.