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Editorial: Long road may end in the right place

After the appearance of yet another hurdle in the quest for a new senior housing complex in Rosemount, the city finds itself where it perhaps should have been all along -- looking to a known and trusted developer to get things done.

When the city first chose a developer for the proposed senior complex -- which would also include a long-desired senior center -- it picked a company that had a relationship with Ebenezer Management Services, which runs several senior-housing facilities. When that developer's plan fell through because of financing problems, it allowed the developer to bring in someone new.

Now, that deal is going away because the new developer, Doran Companies, has conducted a market study it says does not show enough demand for the kind of project it wants to build.

Through it all, Stonebridge Companies has waited patiently for its chance. It was part of the original bid process, and expressed interest again when Doran came into the picture.

Stonebridge has a history in Rosemount, where the other two developers did not. It is the company behind Waterford Commons, the combination retail and residential property just south of the proposed senior facility. Owner Wally Johnson worked well with the city, and he did what he said he would. The result is a building that has been a benefit to Rosemount.

Now, he may get a chance to do it again. Johnson has reportedly expressed interest in taking over the once-again-stalled senior project. Community development director Kim Lindquist is hopeful the company would be able to move quickly with i.

That would be good news for the city, which has long sought such a project. It would be good news for seniors, who have been vocal about their desire for a gathering place of their own.

Given Johnson's track record in Rosemount, we're optimistic things will finally get done.