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Get to know city council candidate Joe Zanmiller

In four years, what do you hope to have accomplished on the city council?

In my tenure on the council I hope to encourage residents to support a vision to install a fiber communication network throughout the residential and business community. Fiber communications would support residents working from home and students as well as provide valuable resources to existing and startup companies. The value this will enhance home values and make our homes more marketable than other local communities. My second goal is to establish a ward system of representation. A ward system of representation will provide residents a local neighborhood councilperson to turn to and be heard.

Where does this office fit into your political aspirations?

My previously mentioned goals may take more than four years to achieve. To make these a reality I may seek a second term on the council or a term as mayor. I feel many of the issues and opportunities today are being missed at the state and federal level. I however intend to concentrate my energy at the local community level.

UMore will be a continuous issue for the city. What are your thoughts on the property and its future development?

The university is a property owner and deserves to same opportunity as any developer. Rosemount's planning and development processes provide roadmaps that enable the U and Rosemount to establish a success effort. Both the University and the community of Rosemount are stewards that must work in the best interest of citizens. The opportunities that the property offers the University and Rosemount will strengthen both and points of contention can and will be resolved.

While the city council makes the decisions, city staff does much of the day to day work. What is your management style and what are your expectations of city staff?

In my 12 years as a manager, at a public institution, I have learned to trust professional people to do their jobs. Day to day work should be addressed and a summary of successes and issues should be provided to council. Staff input to the council decision making processes should include options that allow council to effectively manage the city budget and address community needs. When directed by council policy and decisions, staff need to follow the direction established by the council.

What is your background?

Age 53 Lifelong Rosemount resident

Education Rosemount Sr High     University of Minnesota

Married to Shannon 17 years

Children: Ashley 26 RHS grad paramedic, Stephanie 16 RHS Jr, Jimmy RHS freshman, Hannah 6th grade Rosemount Middle

Member Minnesota Valley Transit Authority board

RAAA soccer coach

32 years experience working in information technology industry

12 years in staff supervision and project management

Currently employed with the University of Minnesota 22 years

Why do you want to lead?

As an experienced manager, supervisor and project manager I want to guide the city as it continues its status as a preferred destination for residents and business.

As a member of the council, the guidance I will provide will: ensure residents and businesses affordable city taxation practices that reflect their priorities and meets their needs; and work with council and the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority to identify unmet public transportation needs that can be provided to the community and to ensure efficiency and fairness.

Rosemount's location to the larger metro area is ideal to support business need for facilities outside of a 20 mile radius from their core operations. Working with fellow council members, staff will be directed to explore expanding our business base to meet these business needs.

Telecommuting professionals make up a large part of Rosemount's workforce. This coupled with existing businesses, residential and startup companies need for fiber connectivity warrants investigation by the city into the feasibility of expanding fiber communication service throughout the community.

With the growth Rosemount has experienced and anticipated growth, we need to amend the governance to provide a ward system that will provide full representation of all residents, businesses, and differing viewpoints.

Rosemount lost out in the recent redistricting. As a council member I will work to engage the citizens to keep our voices and our boundaries of representation as whole as possible.

Why run for council?

As a parent, volunteer soccer coach, and member of the MVTA I have been rewarded considerably without monetary incentive. As a lifelong resident I want to nurture our city to make it a driving force in the greater metro area and the state.

What makes you qualified?

My experience with the MVTA and my 12 years-experience managing staff, projects, and associated budgets have provided me the opportunity to set priorities and give direction.

What are your thoughts on the current council?

The current council has provided excellent leadership during the recent economic downturn. They have been good stewards of resources, maintained services and managed without inflicting additional tax burden during these challenging times.

Are you ready for the commitment required?

With a strong commitment to the success of Rosemount, a reading habit that meets a council person's responsibility, a large appetite for information, and a desire to serve, I am ready and looking forward to the responsibilities of the position of city council.