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Redistricting brings little change locally

While many of his colleagues in the Minnesota House of Representatives are busy trying to figure out radically different districts and in some cases plan reelection bids against other incumbents, Kurt Bills has things a whole lot easier. The Rosemount resident just has to learn a couple of new neighborhoods and renew a few acquaintances.

A new legislative map introduced last week pairs 30 current House members in redrawn districts and leaves 15 districts with no incumbent. But for Rosemount residents, the biggest change will be a new number. What was formerly Senate District 37 is now 57. Bills will serve in House District 57B.

The new district features some minor changes in Apple Valley and adds the city of Coates, but that's about it.

"I traded some great neighborhoods in Apple Valley for some great neighborhoods in Apple Valley and added Coates, where I actually know some of the families from teaching and coaching at Rosemount High School," said Bills, who is in the second year of his first term as a legislator.

Statewide, there will be six races that could pair a Democrat against a Democrat for reelection bids, six that could pair a Republican with a Republican and three that will feature races between DFL and GOP incumbents.

In the Senate, there will be two pairings of Democratic incumbents, two pairings of Republicans and two races that pair Democrats against Republicans.

Bills said he was satisfied with the local results.

"I am glad that Apple Valley and Rosemount were not negatively impacted by redistricting," he said. "The communities have stayed together in Senate district configuration, and this will mean only minor adaptations for citizens to make at the House level."

Bills said he is looking forward to warmer weather so he can start walking the neighborhoods of his new district and meeting residents. He also plans to send a greeting letter to new members of his district.