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City council: Joe Kurle

The development of UMore will be big job for the city council. What do you think of the proposed plan? How do you think the city should handle it?

Personally, I don't believe building a gravel mine business falls under the educational roles of a university and they should find another way to use that property. With that said, the U of M has a right to build and develop on property they own. If they insist on pursuing that endeavor, the city of Rosemount needs to make sure dust, noise and traffic are strictly enforced and maintained. One way to help with the dust and noise is by requiring tree and shrub cover around the perimeter of the gravel mine. This will also help with the look of the land.

The housing development that the U of M would like to build after the gravel mine is just as important as the gravel mine. The concern I have with the housing development is in what role the U of M wants to play. The city of Rosemount and its citizens need to be the ones in control after the development is complete.

The next few years will continue to be challenging, financially. What would your priorities be when setting a budget?

The city of Rosemount has done a great job with the budget and keeping taxes low. If I'm elected, I will continue in that same direction with reducing taxes while maintaining Rosemount's quality services like the police, fire, water, parks, etc.

Rosemount needs to continue to reduce the city's debt to eliminate debt payments and interest. Reviewing the budget for waste is also important for an efficient government.

We also need to find ways to promote businesses to Rosemount. We have several nice areas for business that are ready to develop or buildings to move into. This will help create a stronger tax base and, in return, help with the budget.

What is the role of the city in attracting development?

The role of the city regarding businesses and development should be to make the city a competitive and attractive place for businesses to prosper. That means seeking out interested businesses, maintaining good roads and structures, and having a low crime rate, among others.

The city needs to be careful not to overstep its bounds. Having a downtown redevelopment plan is good, but we must make sure it doesn't cross into the role of the private sector.

Eminent Domain can also be used inappropriately and we've seen that done throughout America. Cities must not abuse the use of eminent domain.

What is the most important issue facing Rosemount and how do you hope to address it?

One of the most important issues facing Rosemount is the U of M property. We must be extremely careful in what happens with that property, as it will affect us for years to come. We must not make any rash decisions without thinking through the long term effects.

Another equally important issue in Rosemount is the economy and business growth. We need to be a city that businesses want to move to. We can do that by reviewing our permitting procedures for businesses to have a smooth transition into their buildings. As I mentioned before, we should also seek out businesses to entice them to move here.

Rosemount is a beautiful place to live and work, so if we can keep property taxes low, businesses will want to move here. It's important for all of us to have the opportunity to find jobs right in our own community.