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Dance show explores opposites

The Rosemount High School Modern Dance Company rehearses for their Friday night show.1 / 2
Light and shadows fall on members of Rosemount High School’s Modern Company during a piece called Light/Dark.2 / 2

Most years when Rosemount High School’s Modern Dance Company puts on a show, it looks for a small charity in the area that could benefit from an influx of cash.

This year, the 12-student company is looking a little closer to home.

When the Modern Company performs its show May 16, proceeds will go to Kellee Mulhern, mother of company dancer Kassidy Jackson, who is currently battling Stage 4 metastisized breast cancer.

The idea to donate proceeds from this year’s show to Mulhern came up early in the planning process, but dance teacher Christina Morris said they approached the idea carefully. They didn’t want to make Jackson uncomfortable, and they didn’t want to bring her mother’s cancer fight into the school if Jackson wanted to keep it separate.

Jackson was open to the idea, though, and Morris said Mulhern appreciated that the dance troupe thought of her.

“They were very honored that we decided to do it that way,” Morris said. “This definitely fits kind of the same category of what our mission is.”

The show itself will be a study in opposites. Based loosely on the concept of yin and yang, it features five pieces focused on a pair of opposites — Inhale/Exhale, Light/Dark, Body/Mind, Pure/Tainted and Empty/Aware.

Three of the pieces are choreographed by students, and in two cases one student took either half of the pairing.

“The students just looked at the concepts and each student … interpreted it as what it meant for them,” Morris said.

So, for example, the Pure/Tainted piece starts with the innocence of childhood, when everything is fun and free-spirited, then gets darker in the second half.

Morris said it’s fun to watch her students take an idea and run with it.

“It’s very exciting, especially since many of my students are going on to study dance in college,” she said. “I feel like they take that on to college and already have a lot of tools to use there.”

The Modern Company will perform it show at 7 p.m. May 16 at the RHS Performing Arts Center.

Nathan Hansen

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