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Report: ISD 196 spending stays in classroom

The Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools (District 196) spent nearly $500 per pupil less than the average of the 10 largest districts in the state last year, according to recently released statewide data on school district expenditures for fiscal year 2013.

Each spring, the Minnesota Department of Education makes available financial data for all of the nearly 350 operating school districts in the state. District 196 is the state’s fourth largest district. Comparable expenditure data for FY 2013 shows that District 196 spent less per pupil than the averages for the state, metro area and 10 largest districts in four of the 10 general fund expenditure categories, including operations and maintenance, student transportation, pupil support services and district-level administration. In the area of regular instruction, District 196 spent more per pupil than the averages for the state and 48 metro-area districts.

“This data shows that we continue to spend a higher percentage of available funds on regular instruction, which is teachers in the classroom, and less on district administration and support services,” said District 196 Superintendent Jane K. Berenz, who noted that fiscal year 2013 comparisons are similar to previous years. “Our teachers make the difference in what we do for students and that is where we will continue to focus our efforts.”

RHS teachers will speak at conference

Rosemount High School teachers Leigh Anderson and Patricia Drew have been selected to speak at the International Association for Identification's education conference in August. The IAI is the professional organization for forensic investigators, and is holding this year's conference in Minneapolis.