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Activities add up this year at RES

Annie Miga and the rest of the volunteers at Rosemount Elementary School have a busy year ahead of them. 

Miga, the PTO volunteer coordinator at Rosemount Elementary School has set an ambitious schedule, one that has some kind of special activity scheduled at the school pretty much every month during the school year.

Miga said the decision was made early on to increase the activity level from the handful of special events that have been held in recent years.

“We just wanted to kind of get kids and their families back into school a little more just to be aware and be more involved,” Miga said. “This is a way to get them in the building.”

The year of special activities kicked off last week with the first of several open gym sessions. Those sessions, which will focus on a different two-grade group each month, are a chance for kids and their parents to come in and have some unstructured fun. Last week’s kickoff event focused on kindergarteners and first graders. On Wednesday, second and third graders had a chance to play.

There isn’t a lot of direction to the event. Two teachers and one parent volunteer are on hand to supervise, and the school puts out some of its phy ed equipment. But otherwise it’s just an opportunity for kids to have a good time.

“We just wanted an open place for the kids to come and have fun,” Miga said. “It’s very basic. There’s not a ton of structure to it.”

The open gyms will continue throughout the school year, looping back to kindergarteners and first graders once the fourth and fifth graders have their chance to play in November. But it’s just one of several new events on the schedule.

The school will hold what Miga called a Halloween spooktacular this month, a Veterans Day event in November and a Toys for Tots drive and craft night in December. There will be a sock hop in January, a healthy heart night in February and a silent auction and art show in March. Along the way, the school will also hold events for students to bring just dad or just mom to RES with them.

It’s a packed schedule — “We have a ton of stuff going on,” Miga admitted — but Miga is excited to see it all come together. She sees the benefits of connecting families to their schools and of helping kids see that school can be a fun place to spend time.

“We have a great group of volunteers that have stepped up,” she said. “I’m very pleased.”

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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