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New principal is a familiar face at Parkview

Nicole Frovik officially took over July 1 as principal at Parkview Elementary School.

Nicole Frovik says Independent School District 196 feels like home for her, and it's not hard to understand why. The new Parkview Elementary School principal has been here all of her life.

Frovik grew up in the district. Her father was a teacher at Rosemount High School and Apple Valley High School. She got a job teaching at Parkview in 1997, and after seven years in the classroom at different grade levels, she made the transition to media specialist at the school, a job she held for another eight years.

Frovik left Parkview last year, but she didn't go far. She became magnet school coordinator and instructional assistant -- essentially an assistant principal -- at Glacier Hills Elementary in Eagan.

She wasn't gone long, either. When Parkview principal Pam Haldeman announced plans to retire after the 2012-13 school year, Frovik jumped at the chance to return to the school where she has spent nearly all of her professional life.

"It's huge," she said of the move. "It's a dream come true."

Frovik knew early on she wanted to be a teacher. She was the first grader who would set up a classroom in her living room and play school. She had her father as an example, and many others in her family are also teachers. She loves to watch children learn, and to see that moment when a light bulb goes off and they finally understand something.

"I think I just have education running in my blood," she said.

It was a desire to work with more than one classroom of students that led Frovik to become a media specialist, and it was that move that set her on the path to become a principal. She started looking at the bigger picture of education, and she started serving on district-level committees, including one two years ago that set the district's strategic plan.

"I just think it kind of evolved," she said. "As soon as I became the media center specialist ... I knew I wanted a more broad perspective of the school."

Her role last year at Glacier Hills helped expand that perspective further, and Frovik said it helped prepare her for her return to Parkview.

This is a busy time at Parkview. The school has more students than ever, and while Frovik's first official day on the job was Monday, she was busy before that getting familiar with her new role and the needs of her old new school. She started this week working on class lists and making sure there would be room for everybody when students return in the fall.

There is a lot of work to do, but Frovik is excited to get going.

"I really just feel like every single step I've taken in my journey over the past 17 years has led me here," Frovik said. "It feels like this was meant to be."

Nathan Hansen

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