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RHS seniors will give back at class party

The Rosemount High School class of 2013 will celebrate after its graduation ceremony with a party put on by volunteers. As they head back to the high school one last time for their class party, they will also be asked to donate goods for the local food shelf.

The senior party is a tradition at RHS, but it has been kicked up a notch this year by adding in a food drive. Planning the party and the food drive simultaneously takes many hands. Dawn Young, a volunteer for the senior party and mother of a graduating senior, said they have been planning the party since July of last year.

"It's all coming together," Young said. "We have raised the most money that any class has ever raised so we can give them the best party. We've had great parents and volunteers donate."

Young said all of the efforts to organize this evening for the seniors was done by about 100 volunteers.

The idea for having a food drive incorporated into the seniors' last event together came from a food drive that volunteers helped host in February. They received 6,000 pounds of food. Since it was such a success and those who participated liked it, they decided to add one to the senior party.

"This is their last act of kindness they can do for the community," Young said.

Volunteers have made having the food drive accompany the senior party manageable and easy for seniors. All they need to do is bring their items with to the party and drop them off at the door.

Though participating in the food drive is not mandatory for seniors, parent volunteers want the kids to give back. Students will receive a raffle ticket for every five items they donate. Their ticket will be put in the volunteer raffle for prizes, which have been boosted with help from parent volunteers.

"We want to blow the doors off the food shelf and smother them with food for the summer," Young said. "We are hoping the kids get that when we talk to them. I know it's not church, it's not the pastor asking or Boy Scouts or the mailman, but we would like to be able to give back.

"Local businesses have been fabulous about donating time and money and products, so we think it's important for the kids to give back," Young said.

Items that can be donated include but are not limited to protein bars, pasta, canned fruit and vegetables and pancake mix.