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For students, a sobering reminder before prom

Students act out a mock crash Thursday morning at Rosemount High School.

Rosemount High School held a mock car crash Thursday morning, providing a graphic reminder to juniors and seniors of what can happen if they drink and drive.

RHS holds the event every other year before prom, which will take place Saturday in St. Paul. In it, crashed vehicles are staged to represent an accident between a group of high school students on their way home from a post-prom party and two sisters on their way to soccer practice. Emergency personnel respond in real time and behave as they would at an actual accident.

Thursday's accident included the death of a high school girl and 9-year-old in the other vehicle as well as transport by helicopter of another high school student.

Rosemount police chief Eric Werner and Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom spoke to students before the event, and afterward students heard from Lisa Hoeft, a parent whose son was involved in an accident in which he was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected through the sunroof.