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Eighth grader a master of words

Luke Loehr was one of just 53 students nationwide to earn a perfect score on a recent Wordmasters Challenge.

Luke Loehr and analogies go together like cats and ... well, I don't know. But Loehr probably would. The Rosemount Middle School eighth grader was one of just 53 students nationwide to earn a perfect 20-point score on a recent Wordmasters Challenge test that asked students to pair words with similar meanings.

RMS gives the Wordmaster test to many of its students. The challenge is available nationwide to students in third- through eighth grades. It is meant to encourage growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning.

"We submit our top 10 scores per grade, then they rank us," RMS teacher Pam Erzar said. "We weren't in the top for schools, but Luke was on their website and on the results for one of the top students."

Approximately 5,500 students in 85 schools took the Wordmasters test Loehr aced. According to Erzar, there were 165 students nationwide who scored 19 out of 20 and 101 who had 18 correct answers.

The test Loehr aced was all about analogies. The questions would look familiar to anyone who has taken an SAT test. Friendship:Rift as Society:_____.

"Some of the words are very difficult," Erzar said. "Sycophant, harridan, supplicant, rapacious."

Loehr prepared with word games and flash cards given to him as school assignments, but he also did some studying on his own. He likes words, he said, and he's good with them. He wasn't particularly confident about the test, though.

"I didn't think I did good on it, but I guess I did," he said.

He started to feel better as students corrected their tests in class.

"After the first 10, I was the only one with 100 percent," he said.

Loehr's twin brother had the second best score at RMS.