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Residents named to new legislative committee

The first members of the new District 196 Legislative Advisory Council were appointed by the School Board at its Nov. 19 regular meeting.

The purpose of the LAC is to increase citizen participation in the legislative process and community understanding of legislative issues and how they impact District 196. The council's role will be to provide input on district legislative priorities, review legislative suggestions submitted by citizens and staff and, as appropriate, provide input to the school board regarding proposed legislation. The LAC is a nonpartisan council and members will be expected to maintain neutrality regarding party politics.

The 13-member LAC is made up of five district residents with experience in government affairs lobbying and/or the legislative process and one representative from each of eight other district advisory councils and committees. The communications director and members of the board legislative committee serve as ex-officio members of the LAC.

The five citizen members with legislative experience who were appointed are Heidi Holste of Rosemount, Valerie Dosland of Eagan, Cisa Keller of Apple Valley, Charles McCready of Apple Valley and Kevin Sampers of Eagan. These five citizen members were recommended by the board Legislative Committee following an application and interview process conducted by the administration in October. Citizen members will serve two-year terms ending August 30 and may apply to serve consecutive terms.

The first meeting of the LAC was scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 12 at the district office in Rosemount. For more information about the LAC, call Communications Director Tony Taschner at 651-423-7775.