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DECA members focus on leadership

Students from Rosemount High School attended the 2012 Rosemount DECA fall leadership conference Oct. 18 at RHS. More than 60 DECA members participated in this day of leadership development over the MEA break, facilitated by Focus Training.

The activity-packed day started with an ice breaker activity where students were engaged in a modified rock, paper, scissors tournament and progressed to interactive activities designed to show students how lead successful teams, effective communications and building trust. After a working lunch, involving using Lego to design a new super hero while making marketing mix decisions, students began the journey to prepare for DECA competition by gaining an understanding what competition is and how they can be successful. The day concluded with a team building activity where students needed to work in teams and effectively communicate in order to navigate through a virtual maze.

"It was extremely helpful to learn more about interacting people while on teams. I really enjoyed the day" said junior Maddie Bleick.

Senior DECA president Amelia Volkert summarized her conference experience by saying, "This conference allowed me to engage with new members. I feel like I have a new leadership direction."

DECA is a leadership network that prepares students for careers in finance, hospitality, marketing and management. Through real-world experiences and classroom curriculum, DECA gives students a competitive edge for college and career success. We're focused on improving the quality and competitiveness of tomorrow's leaders.