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District 196 handbook will arrive soon

Parents and guardians of students enrolled in District 196 schools will receive the Overview of Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook for the 2012-13 school year. The handbooks will be mailed the week of Aug. 6 to every household with a child enrolled in the district, one handbook per household.

The Overview of Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook includes a comprehensive list of regulations for student behavior as well as consequences for misbehavior.

Changes to the handbook for 2012-13 that were approved by the school board this spring include consequences for damaging or tampering with safety and security equipment; recording and sharing recordings of staff members without their permission; theft or possession of stolen property with a value over $50; use of liquid and electronic cigarettes; and refusing to comply with parking regulations.

The rights and responsibilities detailed in the handbook apply to District 196 students in any school or other district building, on district property, in district vehicles, at school bus stops and at school or district events. Consequences may also apply for misbehaviors which take place at other locations, but which directly affect school programs or activities.

Parents and students with questions about the handbook are encouraged to call their school principal.

Qualification guidelines and information about registering for free and reduced-price school meals is included in the center of the handbook. The handbook will also be available on the district website.