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RES and Red Pine boundaries will change

Independent School District 196 is making what should be an invisible change to most to stave off enrollment issues down the line.

The District 196 School Board approved an attendance boundary change Monday night that moves a section of Rosemount's Prestwick Place development from Red Pine Elementary School to Rosemount Elementary School.

Red Pine currently has 977 students enrolled, 23 more than projected. RES is down 30 students from projections.

"We just don't have space for additional kids over at Red Pine to any great extent," elementary education director Julie Olson said. "We know going forward with that kind of a growth in the area it just made no sense."

Prestwick Place is located north of Connemara Trail and west of Akron Avenue. The area is still largely undeveloped. The only children currently living in the affected area include a fifth grader who will continue to attend Red Pine next year and two preschoolers.

Olson said it made sense to make the change now before students move into the area and get attached to their school.