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History comes to life at RES

Elvis was in the building.

The fifth grade classrooms at Rosemount Elementary School were invaded last week by some of history's most significant figures.

The likes of Abraham Lincoln, Wilbur Wright, even the kings of rock and pop, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, sat at desks in crowded rooms, silent but ready to come to life at the push of a button. Or a tennis ball. Or, in at least one case, a scrap of paper with "Press here" scribbled on it.

It was all part of something called a wax museum, a new research project in which RES fifth graders chose a historic figure, put together a research paper and prepared a speech. The school's parent-teacher organization chipped in so they could all put together display boards.

Then, many of the students found costumes. On Friday, they rearranged their desks and took their places while parents and other students circulated around them. When someone pushed their button, or the sporting equipment or scrap paper that stood in for one, they stood up and talked about their historical figure. Rooms were filled with students reciting facts about Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech, or Betsy Ross' efforts creating the first United States flag. Students were also prepared to answer questions about their historical figure.

The whole project began when fifth grade teacher Jenny Sewpersaud saw something similar done at her son's school. She brought the idea back to the other fifth grade teachers and they decided to go ahead. Students started working on the projects at the end of January.

She said the project has gone over very well.

"They've been so into it, it's awesome," Sewpersaud said. "It was fun to see it all come together."