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Rosemount debaters qualify for Tournament of Champions

Matt Stefanko and Lisa Beard have qualified for the national Tournament of Champions debate competition.

The Rosemount High School debate team of Matt Stefanko and Lisa Beard is now fully qualified for the national Tournament of Champions.

The policy debate team earned its second qualifying bids for the tournament by finishing in the top 16 among 222 teams at last weekend's University of California Berkeley debate tournament.

Debate teams need two bids to qualify for the tournament, held in May at the University of Kentucky. Stefanko and Beard earned their first bid in December at the Dowling Paradigm tournament in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Stefanko has also qualified for the National Forensics League national tournament in June. He partnered with Ryan Kirkley to earn that trip because Beard, his usual partner, was not available for the qualifying tournament.

Stefanko is the first Rosemount debater to qualify for both the Tournament of Champions and the NFL nationals.