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Students showcase their creative side at inventors fair

District 196 fourth and fifth graders showed off their take on the next great invention at Saturday's District 196 Inventors Fair.

Students are responsible for coming up with ideas, doing research to see if their proposed product already exists, then putting together a prototype to show off to judges. Several hundred students from all of the district's elementary schools filled space at Dakota Hills Middle School and Eagan High School Saturday morning to display their results.

Students from Rosemount and Shannon Park elementary schools were on hand with inventions to keep classrooms neater, inventions to keep dogs fed and inventions to give themselves the upper hand in any snowball fight.

Students also showed off a brush to make cleaning behind toliets less taxing, a backpack with a built-in safety flasher and a calendar that can be easily customized with family photos.

Students who participate in the inventors fair will have an opportunity to advance to state-level competition.

Check out the photo gallery to see what the students came up with.