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Students collect hats for peers in need

The students behind the Blue House hat drive are, from left to right in the back row, Ben Villarreal, Ayla Pavelka, Maria Flohr, Devon Burr, Sierra Barck, Dana Thibido, Abby Gillmer, Emma Kuzas and Emily Udermann. In the middle are Brynn Sundgaard, Emily Kilpela, Madalyn Olson, Jai Vang, Katherine Lemke. In front are Brooke Burdick, Rachael Nielsen and Megan Jax.

Hundreds of people in Rosemount could have a warmer winter thanks to the efforts of some Rosemount Middle School students.

Sixth graders in the RMS Blue House are in the middle of a drive to collect hats, scarves and mittens to donate both within the school and around the community. The drive is part of the students' Irish Time, a daily period when students who need help in a subject can get it, and students who don't need help can work on other projects.

RMS staff member Tami Carlson is leading the drive, but she let the students choose what they would collect. Students have done the work of organizing the drive and promoting it through posters and announcements over the school's PA system. There is a group in charge of the artificial Christmas tree where donations are kept during the drive and another group in charge of working with the school's counselors to give the donations away.

"I let them decide the logistics of everything," Carlson said.

Students hope to get participation from at least 20 percent of the RMS student body. That would mean about 240 winter-weather items. Those donations would be distributed to students in need around the school, with any left overs going to the Rosemount Family Resource Center.

The 18 seventh-grade students who are running the drive all volunteered to take part. Those who signed up say they thought the project sounded like fun.

"I thought it would be nice to help people out who don't have hats," said Emily Udermann.

Students have spent a lot of time talking with their friends about the drive and encouraging donations. Students who donate get an entry in a drawing for every item they contribute. The winner of the drawing gets tickets to Rosemount High School's OnStage musical variety show. Ten other winners get oversized candy bars.

So far, the students are excited about the results they've seen. Through Tuesday morning, with about three days of the drive behind them, they had already collected nearly 60 items.

"I'm actually quite surprised and happy with the turnout we've had so far," said Brynn Sundgaard.