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Students use their imaginations for a good cause

Rosemount Middle School's DI Know Youz?? Destination ImagiNation is Dana Thibodo, Kasey Zacharias, Anna Wise, Elizabeth Johnson, Megan McKenzie, Katie Turner and Anna Peterson. They will put on a carnival March 12 at RMS.2 / 2

The girls who make up Rosemount Middle School's DI Know Youz?? Destination ImagiNation team swear they get work done in between all of the laughing they do and the fun they have.

Considering the events they have planned, they'd better.

The girls, seven energetic, talkative sixth graders, plan to put on a fundraising dance and carnival from noon to 4 p.m. March 12 at RMS. The money they collect will pay for knit beanies, movies, craft sets and iTunes gift cards for cancer patients at St. Paul Children's Hospital.Destination ImagiNation is a worldwide academic competition that encourages students to think creatively and work as a group. The categories in which the RMS team will compete charges students to put on an event and promote it.

The girls chose to support cancer patients after seeing a number of RMS students go through serious illnesses.

The group's original plan was to buy wigs for girls who had lost their hair during cancer treatments, but a nurse at the hospital said wigs are discouraged. Patients are encouraged to accept themselves the way they are.

Members of the RMS team say working on their project has helped them appreciate the things they have.

"You realize not everybody has that, and this is a way of helping them out," said Kasey Zacharias, one of the team members.

The girls have already made 1,200 rubber wristbands decorated with their team name and the phrase Curls 4 Gurls, the name of their project. They've been selling them around school. The event they have put together for Saturday will include games such as a balloon pop and a bounce house. One of their teachers will serve as DJ for their dance and they'll have a bake sale. When it comes time to compete, the girls have to be prepared to perform a skit. For theirs, they've written new words to go along with the Tai Cruz song Dynamite. The new lyrics spell out the details of their project. They plan to perform their skit as if it's a music video.

"We wanted to do an upbeat song that everyone knows," said Katie Turner.

It's all been a lot of work, but the girls say they've enjoyed it. Most of them knew each other at least a little bit before they formed their team, but they know each other a lot better now.

"I definitely think we all got closer and better friends from DI," Zacharias said. "Pretty much everyone here has a really big imagination. I think that's what makes us a good DI group."