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Student voices: Less dreaming, more doing in 2010

The New Year arrives bearing gifts. It brought four more seasons, 365 more sunsets, 1,095 more meals, and another number to add to our growing ages. Everything in the New Year starts, well, new. So shouldn't we start new too? That's the sole purpose of New Year's resolutions.

The percentage of people who actually succeed at their resolutions is very low, but it doesn't mean everyone shouldn't give it a whirl. Anyone can do it. Whether you're 8 or 80, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try at something your heart desires you to do or improve at. For some it's losing weight, others it's playing outside with their kids more, or maybe something as simple as saving energy by turning your lights off.

My New Year's resolution this year is a new one to our generation. This year, I decided that I am going to stop dreaming it and start being it instead. Instead of playing tennis on a videogame, I'm going to go down to the court and play. Instead of watching a skiing race on TV, I'm going to go skiing. Instead of dreaming of my hair flying through the wind on a four wheeler, I'm going to go ride one. With a helmet, that is.

Kids these days are so caught up in technology they forget about real life, what's outside their front door. Get off the couch, go walk around outside. Get off the computer, go shop inside the traditional mall. Get off the phone, go talk to your friend. Get off the video games, go live it. Though technology has brought us far, we should all still enjoy everything that God has made us outside.

Like I said, everyone can have a New Year's resolution, you just have to have one that fits you. A New Year's resolution is something you want to achieve, something you want to work for, something you have to work for. It's something to benefit your well being, or the well being of someone else. It's not just something you want. It's something you think will make yourself a better person, whether it's inside or out.