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Students top state average on ACT

District 196 high school students continued to score well above state and national average composite scores on the American College Test entrance exam in 2010, according to test data released Aug. 18.

The ACT average composite score for the District 196 class of 2010 is 24.0, up 0.1 points from last year. The district average is 1.1 points higher than the state average of 22.9, which was up 0.2 points.

ACT scores range from 1 to 36. The Minnesota average is once again highest in the nation among states where more than half of all college-bound students took the test. Among those 27 states, Iowa is second at 22.2 and Wisconsin and Nebraska tied for third at 22.1.

The national ACT average composite score is 21.0, down 0.1 points from last year.

In District 196, the ACT average composite score is based on the results of 1,627 students who took the test, which represents approximately 81 percent of the graduating class of 2010. Approximately 70 percent of graduates in Minnesota took the test. The ACT is the primary college entrance exam taken in Minnesota and throughout much of the Midwest.

ACT Average Composite Scores, 2006-2010