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Students are meeting academic goals

Apparently, students at Rosemount Middle School really do pay attention in class.

For the second year in a row, RMS students were among the best in District 196 at meeting their goals on the Measures of Academic Progress test.

District 196 gives the MAP test in reading and math in the fall and in the spring as a way to measure the progress students make during the year. After the fall test, students get a target for improvement based on national norms.

At Rosemount Middle School, 59 percent of sixth- and seventh grade students met their goals this year on the reading test and 57.4 percent met their goals on the math test. The district average one the reading test was 53 percent and the district average for math was 61.4 percent.

RMS principal Mary Thompson was happy with the results.

"That's a good sign that kids are learning and achieving and improving what they're doing," Thompson said. "It does appear the intervention or the remediations we're putting into place are helping students understand the concepts."

Of course, the MAP test isn't the big one for District 196 students. That's the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, which measures how schools and districts are doing in their attempts to meet national No Child Left Behind goals. The results of the MCA exam given in the spring are scheduled to be released this week.

Last year RMS was cited for failing to make adequate yearly progress for one sub-category of students taking the math portion of the test.