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A classic story with a cartoon twist

The cast of Guys and Dolls at Rosemount High School includes Tim Bell, Eric Conway, Cody Osegard, Kennedy Erdmann, Kyle Weiler, Elliot Bell, Jesse Webb and Alex West.

The story and costumes are classic, but the set for Rosemount High School's production of Guys and Dolls is anything but. Buildings are brightly colored and doors look as if they are askew.

If not for the high school students on stage, you might think this was Broadway by way of Loony Tunes.

"The direction we're going is very animated and very cartoony," said Kyle Weiler, who plays Nathan Detroit the gambler looking for a new spot for his floating craps game.

"It's very bright. Everything stands out," said Eric Conway, who plays Nicely Nicely Johnson.

Matching that mood is a challenge for students. They've got lines to remember and choreography to learn, and they have to get things just right if they want to make sure the humor of the show, considered by some the perfect musical comedy, comes through for the audience.

Weiler said he and the other students have had to get comfortable with the timing and the flow of the material.

"It's definitely been a challenge, I think for all of us," Weiler said. "It's quite a daunting task."

Weiler has an advantage over some of his castmates. He was familiar with the material even before rehearsals started. Others, like Conway and Kennedy Erdmann, who plays nightclub performer Adelaide, caught up with a movie version of the show or with clips on YouTube.

"It's a huge show. It's really well known," Erdmann said.

Despite the challenges, the students are enjoying the experience. Conway said he likes the music numbers. Erdmann said the audience can expect a fun night.

"They should expect to laugh and have a good time," she said.

Guys and Dolls will be on stage at the RHS performing arts center at 7 p.m. May 6-8 and at 2 p.m. May 9. For tickets call 651-683-6969 ext. 37540.