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Students needs help with garden project

Rosemount High School's Green Team is looking for some strong hands and sturdy backs.

The Green Team, formed this year to promote environmental issues at the school, will spend its Saturday morning digging in the dirt outside RHS to create a rain garden.

The roughly 400-square-foot garden, which will be located on the east side of the school, will be designed to hold water and keep it from flowing under a portable classroom or into the street. It will be planted with native vegetation.

"We are going to use plants that attract butterflies and birds and we are planning it to catch the runoff from one side of the roof of the portable," said Veda Kanitz, a science teacher at RHS and the advisor for the Green Team.

The project is funded with $500 from Valley Natural Foods and $100 for plants that students got after attending a Dakota County-led session on rain gardens.

The school has the materials it needs. Now it just needs some willing workers to help get things done. The club will dig out the garden area starting at around 8 a.m. Saturday. They have to loosen the dirt and change the slope to direct the water away from the portable classroom. Several RHS teachers and students have already signed up to help, but Kanitz welcomes more. Anyone interested in volunteering should call Kanitz at RHS, 423-7501.