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Seniors: We're looking for your photos

We know it's almost summer, seniors, but we've got one last math problem for you: If the Rosemount Town Pages has a list of seniors with 496 names on it, but only has 389 photos for the special graduation section it plans to publish the week of graduation, how many seniors won't have their photo in that section?

As a rule of thumb, if you didn't turn a photo in for the yearbook, we don't have a photo for the special section. As best we can figure, this is the list of students we're missing:

Abasher Idris Mustafa Abasher, Benjamin Michael Akervik, Peter John Albers, Khaled C. Al-Kordi, Matthew James Obadiah Allen, Clyde Neba Ambe, Tyler Michael Anderson, Kristina Laura Barton, Randy Rajiv Bharrat, Kathleen Anne Bond, Julia Renae Buss, Ciprian Joy Butler, Liana Rae Butler, Jamie Lea Butterfield , Jennifer Calero, Kyle Odell Chamberlain, Kayla Ann Claugherty, Maura Rose Cory, Andrew Gene Crawford, Ayan Mohamed Daoud, Gabrielle Marie Davis, A'Lana Davis, Ashley Rose Decoteau, Matthew James Drake, Julia Rae Duffy, Brian Bartholomew Emerson, Alec Christopher Ersfeld, Spencer David Ervin,YuTing Fan, Zackary Vedo Fjerstad, Jesse Greeson, Jordan Lee Griffiths, Alfred Kwadwo Gyasi, Alyssa Joy Hale, Blake M. Hanson, Alex S. Harris, Michael Christopher Hedin, Jonathan William Henk, Jonathan Matthew Houghton, Amber Lynn Hunter, Michael Anthony Hymes, Cynthia L. Ivey, DeAndre L. Jackson, Laura Marie Jacobson, Jesse Jiang, Justin J. Joachim, Kathryn Lynn Krueger, Danielle R. Larsen, Tania Leonor Leiva-Reyes, Adrian Magaña, Jesus Martinez-Sandoval, Keith Michael Marttinen, Anthony Michael May, Chelsea Patrice McCullum, Jalil R. McElrath, Amanda J. McGinty, Nicole M. McNamara, Nicholas D. McGinnis, Sasha S. Medina, Hayley Joan Mengenhauser, Marissa Kathleen Mongoven, Tanya Ann Mott, Sheryl Ann Mullin, Trevor William Ohmann, Adam Michael Perron, Alisa M. Petersen, Alex Reed Peterson, Corey Peter Prawdzik, Lauren Anne Reichert, Michael David Renneberg, Breanna Carol Robinson, Tony James Ruiz, Stephen Loy Sage, Robert Anthony Sandoval, Luke Michael Schofield, Brian Michael Senum, Joseph J. Sheridan Jr., Mohamed Bashir Sheikh, Fabiola Maria-Elena Silguero Sanchez, Sergey Anatolivich Siruk, Natasha Jordan Skoog, Joseph Brian Slater, Ryan S. Snider, Samantha J. Sokoll, Tiffany A. Steenberg, Jeremy Milan Stewart, Christina Maria Sturgeon, Chantelle Brianna Stutz, Brittany Lynn Sundt, Keara Ann Terry, Mark Thammavongsa, Lawrence Jerome Thoemke, Mason Jeffrey Toline, Samantha Marie Tosca, Nguyen Duy Tran, Phuong Hong Truong, Sarah Marie VanStralen, Stevie Carleen Videnich, Thanh Van Vo, David Allan Wease Casci, Ashley Lee Webster, Chelsea Danielle Weiman, Angelina Rachelle Weller, Brianna Marie Wells, Eyob Negewo Weyu, Chelsea Nicole Wiger, Ryan James Williams, Kyrie Lyn Wilson, James B. Yang, Xin Zhang.

We'd like to cut that list down some. If we don't have your photo, you can get one to us by e-mailing it to, mailing it to PO Box 192, Farmington, MN 55024 or just stopping by our office at 312 Oak Street in Farmington. We can scan a photo while you wait and give it right back to you.

If we get your photo by June 1 we can get it in our special section.

Trust us, your parents and grandparents would want it that way.

If you're not sure whether we have your photo, or if you have any questions, you can call Nathan Hansen at 651-460-6606.