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Culture bash

The world will come to Rosemount High School on Tuesday.

For the fourth straight year the school's International and Diversity clubs will team up to present the RHS Culture Fair, a gathering of foreign language clubs and other students who want to share a little bit of their heritage.

This year's fair will take place from 3 to 6 p.m. April 28 in the RHS student center.

There will be music. There will be dancing. More important, there will be food.

"The German students have cake walk, so that's always fun," said International Club advisor Denise Cochran.

The Culture Fair is open to just about any student who wants to share something about his or her heritage. Diversity Club advisor Tracy Larson said about 20 students or groups have signed up to put together displays for this year's fair.

Most students will have artifacts or information about their home country. Some students will come in traditional dress. There will be soft drinks from foreign countries and a tea booth with what Cochran described as "weird teas." Last year, the International Club made sushi.

There will be music from Ghana and, possibly, kimchi made by South Korean students.

"Kids are doing their own country of origin. Their own culture," Cochran said. "I think we want to keep their heritage alive as much as we can. We're hoping they'll be speaking that language when they're at their table."

The school's foreign exchange students will talk about what's involved in studying in another country.

There will also be a belly dancer.

The culture fair has gotten a mixed response in its three previous years. The first year drew a big turnout -- lots of advertising and promises of free food might have had something to do with that, Larson said. Another year there was bad weather and attendance was low.

But Larson said the students who are involved typically get excited about the event. And she said this year's fair will have more booths than any of the previous events.

That's great news, as far as she's concerned.

"I really think it just gives them an opportunity to shine and stand out amongst what would b the normal culture here at RHS," Larson said. "It's pretty white and pretty not cultural. It kind of gives them an opportunity to be different and share their culture."