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Board approves $10 million in budget cuts

As part of its 2009-2010 budget adjustments, the District 196 School Board approved a reduction of $10.112 million, which includes an expected $2.5 million enhancement from the federal economic stimulus package.

The board had to act on this measure before knowing the level of funding that it will get from the state.

"This plan represents our best case scenario in terms of what the predictions are going to be for the legislature," superintendent John Currie said. "If the governor's plan that is on the table goes through, this is the right amount to adjust this year and we won't have to adjust as much next year.

"We base that on what is coming out (this week) in the (House of Representatives) plan. Their plan that came out shows flat funding, no increase or decrease. That's really what this plan represents. The Senate plan that is out there, if it passes, we should cut another $7.5 million. It's anyone's guess in terms of where it may end up."